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Work with us as equal partners to turn your innovative ideas into reality.

At Nouryon, we are looking for ways to create a more sustainable future through chemistry. We believe that collaboration will help us be the best company we can be and lead the way to a more sustainable chemical industry.

Through our Imagine Chemistry program, we invite your team to work with us as equal partners to tackle some of our most urgent chemistry-related challenges and turn your innovative ideas into reality. Find out more here.

This year’s Challenge is closed, but we are continuously looking for new partners to collaborate with. Want to see if your idea is a fit for our business? Go here to learn more and get in touch.

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Why join?


A year’s worth of meetings in three days: During the finals event, you get the chance to meet subject matter experts from across the value chain, all in one place in just three days, so you can save months of time and effort and quickly get the feedback you need to move forward.


What people say

“The world is evolving quickly and open innovation is helping Nouryon evolve right along with it. Through Imagine Chemistry we have formed several partnerships with startups whose exciting technologies are already starting to deliver value to our business.”

-Marco Waas, Director RD&I & Technology, Nouryon

"We really think that Nouryon has differentiated itself with Imagine Chemistry. We’ve seen the spectrum of large players across different sectors, and Nouryon is certainly showcasing itself as a leader."

-Alp Kucukelbir, Fero Labs, Award winner Imagine Chemistry 2018


"When I go back to my company and explain this experience to the supervisors above me, it’s going to be an eye-opening paradigm shift for them, because nobody in the US is pursuing collaborative research in quite the manner that Nouryon is doing with Imagine Chemistry."

-Alex Grous, Green Lizard Technology, Award winner Imagine Chemistry 2018

Watch our Imagine Chemistry 2018 movie

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The winners of Imagine Chemistry 2018

During the 2018 edition of Imagine Chemistry we invited 10 startups and research groups to officially collaborate with us to move their ideas towards commercialization. Find out more about the winners here

The four joint development agreement winners (left to right): Green Lizard Technologies, Water Knight, Fero Labs, and Solugen