How can your novel label-free chemistry safely and simultaneously control interface and fluid properties for our customers?


At Nouryon we deliver essential chemistry to many markets that require control of surface and interface behavior, rheology, and other physical properties. For example, we help make ice cream smooth, household cleaning products effective, and paint splatter less when applied.

Our customers and end-users increasingly ask for multifunctional, “label-free” products. By “label-free”, we mean chemistries that do not require a warning label, for example because they are proven to be safe from human health and environmental perspectives. In any case, it means that no labeling is required under both GHS guidelines and REACH and that the compounds cannot have hazard classifications leading to restrictions in use. At Nouryon we already have a number of label-free products in our portfolio, such as our LEVASIL® colloidal silica product, which is used in a variety of applications, and ELFAMOIST® AC (acetamidoethoxyethanol) and HYDROVANCE® (hydroxyethyl urea) products, which are used as skin humectants.

We want to meet and exceed our stakeholders’ expectations by developing new label-free technologies in fluid and interface science through partnership. The technologies may be particles, polymers, discrete molecules, mixtures, or even combinations of these if that yields synergistic performance. In any case, they should allow manipulation and control of things like nano- and microstructures, surface tension, and viscosity. Ultimately our aim is to deliver desired customer functionalities such as dirt removal, rheology, improved application behavior of paint or plaster, abrasion resistance, and more.

Issues to consider

We know that there are many opportunities in this field. The main challenge is that we want products that combine superb functionalities and performance with “label-free.” Another challenge is that we want to bring this to our markets quickly, so any solution should be readily scalable to industrial application and feasible to produce at industrially relevant cost levels.

What are we looking for?

We are interested in any novel technology or chemistry that can significantly impact and control the performance of consumer and industrial products. We are looking for both completely new solutions or chemical building blocks, but also for combinations of label-free chemistries that provide synergistic performance. We want to work with you to bring your solution to market through joint application testing and business development.


We are open to any label-free solution that meets as many as possible of the following criteria:

  • Be a viable building block that brings novel functionality in the fields of rheology, interface, or particle science
  • We are especially looking for startups and scale-ups that want to grow by jointly developing their products into our markets
  • Scalability and affordability: we would like to launch a product within 2-4 years
  • Quality and experience of the team

If you think you have the solution we need, join our Challenge here.


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