Challenge area: Bio-based and biodegradable surfactants and thickeners

Logos has focused on developing high-yield fermentation processes used in the production of NatSurfact, the company’s alternative to petroleum-based conventional surfactants.  Surfactants reduce the interfacial tension between two substances (increasing spreading and wetting) with applications in soaps and cleansers, cosmetics, cleaning products, agriculture, construction, energy, and many other industries. 

Logos’ rhamnolipid-based NatSurFact is sustainably manufactured using natural plant oils as feedstock with a proprietary, natural-fermentation process. NatSurFact technology provides a cost-effective, scalable, energy- and resource-efficient approach to make a renewable, low eco-toxicity, biodegradable, and mild, yet powerful, biosurfactant. NatSurFact has a positive environmental story in all phases of its lifecycle. Logos is actively pursuing strategic partners to support the growth phase of NatSurFact with the goal of disrupting the $40 billion per year surfactant industry.

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