Do you have the smart technology to make our chemical plants more intelligent, autonomous, and resource efficient?


We’ve spent the past 60 years optimizing the performance of our chemical plants, making them more efficient, sustainable, and safer along the way. However, to make a step change in productivity, as well as to reach the ambitious safety and sustainability goals we have set for our sites, we need to incorporate new technologies. We know that exciting technologies are being developed in completely different fields, such as digital technology, and are becoming more accessible to us, and we want to tap into these opportunities. 

Issues to consider

We cannot simply redesign and replace our existing assets, as the cost is on the order of billions.  Furthermore, smart – digital – technology is not part of our core business; we need your expertise to realize the potential of such technology within the world of chemistry.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for startups with new technologies or novel ideas which can drastically improve the performance of our plants. We want to explore the use of new technologies like sensors, wearables, augmented reality, and new algorithms, either existing from other industries or in the pilot/demo stage (or even early stage, if there is a proof of concept already), with a goal of implementing within 3 to 5 years.

What are we NOT looking for?  

For this challenge area, we are not trying to find new chemical processes.


  • Relevance to sustainability
  • Can be applied in, or complements, existing manufacturing processes
  • More than just an idea: in pilot stage or an early stage with a clear proof of concept
  • Fit to current Nouryon technologies and markets
  • Impact of the idea in the short term (revenue, quality, scalability, time to market, etc.)
  • Quality and maturity of the team

Do you have the answer?

If you think you have the smart technology that can transform our current chemical plants into more intelligent, more resource efficient, and safer factories, we welcome you to join our Challenge on our Imagine Chemistry Challenge platform - open from January 10 - for open and collaborative innovation.


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