Do you have the small particle solution to enhance the performance of our customers’ products?


Nouryon is a leading supplier of nano-sized particles designed to enhance product or process performance in a tremendous range of applications, for example by making paints and coatings dirt-repellent, enhancing the properties of concrete, providing carriers for catalysts that clean car exhaust, or preparing ultrasmooth surfaces of chips used in modern electronics equipment. These particles are marketed under the Levasil Colloidal Silica brand in the form of an environmentally friendly, non-hazardous waterborne colloidal solution. As the leading supplier of colloidal silica we continuously strive to develop new products to meet the needs of our customers and the market. We grew Levasil from a niche business to a global leader, so we know we have the knowledge and resources to help a startup scale up fast and bring cutting edge technology to market.

Issues to consider

Levasil Colloidal Silica provides a versatile platform that allows us to fulfill many of our customer’s needs. However, we want to expand our portfolio to provide new functionalities for next generation applications with increasingly high performance demands.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for new materials, technologies, functionalities, modifications, and/or hybrids not currently in our portfolio which can make our customers’ products more sustainable, durable, and/or functional. Solutions need to either have a clear competitive advantage over currently available products in terms of performance in our main application areas or complement or improve our current technologies. New particle technologies need to fit our current colloidal products, so they should be nano scale and waterborne. The particles should be inorganic, e.g. titania, alumina, ceria, magnetite, or hybrids thereof – either core-shell particles or particles with a functionalized surface. Particles with unique properties (e.g. surface roughness or hardness) and unique shapes are also of interest. We are also interested in modifications that provide a clear performance advantage or new functionality to our current colloidal silica particles. Like our Levasil products, the solution they should not carry any health, safety, or environmental concerns; toxic elements are out of consideration and particles should degrade if they end up in nature. We are not trying to find new ways of producing our current products, but you are free to submit ideas of this kind to the open challenge. We are not looking for particles for medical applications.

For this challenge area, we will focus on ideas from startups and scale-ups which already have a proof of concept and production at kg scale, so that we can launch a product within three to five years. Small companies that have already commercialized a niche product and are looking for a partner to help them broaden their applications are especially welcome to join.


  • Enhance or comply with the sustainability profile of our small particles portfolio
  • Fit to current Nouryon technologies and markets
  • Commercialization in three to five years (there needs to be a proof of concept at least)
  • Quality and maturity of the team

If you think you have the solution we need, join our Challenge here.


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