Do you have an innovative idea on how to build a sustainable future together?


Our portfolio is rich with innovative products, we hold more than 5000 patents, and we are a leader in sustainable innovation. We invest over €100 million per year in R&D to drive growth through innovation, create safer and more sustainable products and processes, develop our own capabilities, and improve the way we work.

Much of our innovation efforts focus on (but are not limited to) three areas where we push the frontiers of chemical innovation and strive to remain a true innovation leader: biomass to chemistry, resource efficient polymer technologies, and green electrochemistry. To give you some guidance on all our technologies and chemistries, please see the technologies leaflet on our online challenge platform.

Issues to consider

We are open to any solution that can strengthen our business. However, our top-priority business challenges have been defined as specific challenges within Imagine Chemistry, with dedicated teams of experts to enrich the ideas submitted. If your proposal fits one of those challenges, we encourage you to submit there for the fastest enrichment of your idea and for the best chance to be selected for the finals. Idea submitted to this generic challenge are still of interest, however they will be handled by our regular global scouting team and may therefore take somewhat longer to be assessed.

What are we looking for?

We want to connect with anyone who has expertise or innovative solutions that fit with our business. These could be anything from a newly patented technology requiring co-development to a finished product ready to be launched. We also recognize that there are good ideas out there where the fit might be less obvious. If you believe this is the case, then please submit your idea.


  • Strategic fit and core principles – how we can we jointly create value
  • Market size potential
  • Implementation time
  • Technical fit (feasibility and scalability)
  • Quality and maturity of the team

Do you have an innovative idea on how to drive our growth sustainably? Can you help us improve Nouryon’s products, applications, or production processes? Then we welcome you to share your view on how to work together and join our Challenge here.


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