We deliver high-performance emulsifiers for multiple feed applications

Our Bredol® product line is a full range of emulsifiers applied in pelleting & extrusion, calf milk replacers, microemulsions, aquaculture and other market segments and applications. Our high-quality technical support and extensive knowledge of application technology allows us to continuously meet the specific needs of our customers all over the world.

Bredol® is FAMI-QS certified and underpins our commitment to strong health, safety, environment and security management.

Contact our Feed team to find out more about the unique properties of Bredol® and the major benefits of applying it in your feed operations.

Bredol® Applications

Pelleting & Extrusion
Enjoy greater flexibility in choice of liquids and dry raw materials, improve your process technology, and overcome obstacles in production and handling.

Calf Milk Replacers
Utilise Bredol® as an emulsifier and wetting aid for foam inhibition and dust reduction.

Achieve production of long-term stable emulsions of vitamins, essential oils, fatty acids and other additives.

Use as an extrusion aid for increased pellet durability, reduced drying and improved sinkability.


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