8 reasons why you should join Imagine Chemistry

Through Imagine Chemistry, Nouryon’s collaborative innovation program, we invite startups, scale-ups, and researchers to work with us to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the chemicals industry. If you’ve got a great idea and a proof of concept, there are many reasons to join:

  1. Getting involved is easy and everyone wins

    After submitting your solution through our free online platform, Nouryon subject matter experts will give you feedback and start exploring potential fits between your technology and our business. The teams with the most promising ideas will be invited to work with us in person at the finals event, but even if you’re not selected you can count on helpful input.  

  2. A partner that can give your ideas global impact

    With over 80 sites worldwide and a broad portfolio of products, many of which are market leaders, Nouryon has the means to help give your ideas global impact, including research support, the possibility to test production on a larger scale, guidance from experienced researchers and industry experts, and access to customers and investors.

    “We spent a few months getting to know the Nouryon team before the Imagine Chemistry event. This led us to conclude that they actually want the same thing we do, and the best way to accelerate it is to work together.”

    -Gaurab Chakrabarti, Solugen (Winner, Joint Development Agreement, Imagine Chemistry 2018)

  3. The custom support your company needs

    Our goal is to work together as equal partners to develop ideas with global impact. This collaboration could take on many forms: a joint development agreement, having Nouryon as a launching customer, organizing partnerships across the value chain, or investment. We work with each team to identify the best path for them.

  4. Expert advice and mentorship

    Nouryon experts will give feedback on all ideas during the submission phase. During the finals, your team will be have a mentor and you will work with subject matter experts from Nouryon and partners in fields like R&D, finance, sustainability, and marketing to explore fits with Nouryon’s business and further define your route to market.

    “Usually when we have meetings like this, if I can answer all the questions, I’m not learning anything. That’s not been the case with Imagine Chemistry. I’ve had loads of questions where I’ve had to think really hard. Talking to the experts has been unbelievably beneficial.”

    -Ifty Ahmed, University of Nottingham (Winner, Research Agreement, Imagine Chemistry 2018)

  5. A year’s worth of meetings in three days

    During the finals event, you get the chance to meet subject matter experts from across the value chain, all in one place in just three days, so you can save months of time and effort and quickly get the feedback you need to move forward.

    “We entered Imagine Chemistry because it offers a unique chance to work with a dedicated team and really progress through all the phases in a cooperation agreement in just three days. That’s unique. It’s fast, efficient, and it works.”

    -Simon Jagers, Semiotic Labs (Winner, Partner support by ICOS Capital, Imagine Chemistry 2018)

  6. True collaboration and respect for your IP

    We build partnerships based on trust and true collaboration. We take intellectual property rights very seriously and we respect ownership of IP. Your IP remains yours, ours remains ours, and what we create together will be our joint IP. You can read about our approach to intellectual property here.

    “What was really refreshing about Imagine Chemistry is that it was technology and idea driven versus financially driven. It was really about getting a collaborative project going, as opposed to just focusing on who has the best forecasted ROI.”

    -Alex Grous, Dixie Chemical (Winner, Joint Development Agreement, Imagine Chemistry 2018)

  7. A better understanding of market reality

    By meeting with experts from throughout the value chain, you will get a clearer of idea of the challenges and needs of our business, as well as those of our customers and suppliers. You will also receive concrete input on the steps your business needs to take to bring your solution to market.

    “I would have spent years trying to gather the information I got during Imagine Chemistry about the problems that Nouryon faces and where they could see applications for our system. I would have felt like a winner leaving the event just based on that.”

    -James Roberts, Invert Robotics (Winner, Partner support by KPMG, Imagine Chemistry 2018)

  8. Opportunities for your business

    We want to build relationships that are mutually beneficial. We are happy to use our global network to promote your ideas and the work we are doing together, and we work with several partners looking to invest in promising technology – even if it isn’t a fit for our business.

    “No matter what happens we will get our material out there, and people will hear about it. I’m already getting calls from people wanting to test it in different applications. The actual prize is much greater than the award itself.”

    -Mark Dorris, Edinburgh Napier University (Winner, Chemical research support, Imagine Chemistry 2018)

Sound interesting? Join us then!

Imagine Chemistry 2019 is open for submissions from January 8th to March 8th, with the finals event taking place in late May in Deventer, the Netherlands. If you think you have a solution that can help us make the chemicals industry more sustainable, join our Challenge!