Challenge area: Sustainable liquid to powder technologies

MicroSpray Technologies is scaling up the electrospray process using multiplexed electrospray emitters which will enable high throughput production and access to a device in a simplified unit. Their system will be capable of manufacturing dried powders by electro spraying liquids into a cryogenic medium and subsequently restoring the physicochemical properties of the particles, such as bulk density, particle size distribution, flowability, sphericity of particle shape, particle density, encapsulation efficiency, and effective surface area.

The multiplexed emitter system will provide high-throughput production, improving efficiency by several orders of magnitude. This process of electro spraying liquids also saves substantial amounts of energy as it eliminates the need for post processing (i.e. solvent evaporation). This technology is easy to retrofit into current production lines and facilities due to its simple setup, and it can also be adapted for roll-to-roll processing for application-specific industries, e.g. pharmaceutical.