Challenge area: Intelligent chemical plants

RISE is presently setting up a research group whose work will be relevant to “smart factories.” The group’s areas of expertise are as follows:

Competence Area 1: Chemical process R&D This group will identify the critical process parameters (including scale parameters) that need to be monitored and controlled in the production plant, including analytical chemistry, Process Analytical Technology(PAT), safety, resource efficiency, and sensors, and will set up the simulation models for the process.

Competence Area 2: Setting up of Real Time Optimization (RTO) models Models will be set up to optimize the chemical process in “real time,” referred to as Real Time Optimization (RTO).

Competence Area 3: Adaptive Process Control / machine learning All data from sensors as well as external data (e.g. energy prices, product prices) will be gathered and stored. Models/algorithms connecting input process variables (manipulated variables) with output variables (control variables) will be set up and used to accommodate Adaptive Process Control. Predictive maintenance and process control optimization will also be covered within this group.

Modern methods and techniques within Artificial Intelligence (in particular machine learning) and Internet of Things will be influential in all competence areas, with an emphasis on Area 3 and 2.