Challenge area: Wastewater-free chemical sites

VoDCa is an advanced oxidation reactor that harnesses the power of cavitation, a physical phenomenon involving bubble formation, growth, and adiabatic collapse, with the consequent generation of intense pressure and temperature. These conditions lead to the formation of hydroxyl radicals, extremely reactive oxidizing agents that can decompose pollutants. In wastewater treatment, cavitation induced degradation/mineralization of organic carbon reduces chemical oxygen demand (COD).  

VoDCa’s patented, CFD-optimized design, comprising a tangential inlet and cylindrical axial outlet connected by a disc shaped chamber, imparts and conserves angular momentum of fluid through the process. It creates a sufficient pressure drop to produce cavities/micro-bubbles which are collapsed in a controlled manner downstream of the system.  

VoDCa is used for intensifying industrial wastewater treatment applications in a number of industries with complex effluents (e.g. fertilizer, distillery, textile, dyes and pigments, and specialty chemicals manufacturing). A VoDCa retrofit can offer a variety of value propositions, such as COD/ammonia/color reduction, increase in biodegradability (BOD/COD ratio), selective degradation of refractive pollutant(s), and higher biogas yield.