Imagine Chemistry supported from the top


Another great reason to join Imagine Chemistry: management buy-in

At Nouryon, we believe that collaboration will help us be the best company we can be and deliver on our strategy. Through Imagine Chemistry, we invite startups to work with us as equal partners to tackle some of our most urgent chemistry-related challenges. We would not be able to do any of this effectively without input and support from top leaders within our company. Below, the leaders of our five businesses share their thoughts on the value that collaborative innovation and Imagine Chemistry bring to our company.


Niek Stapel, Managing Director Pulp and Performance Chemicals:

“Innovation is all about shaping the future and open innovation, like Imagine Chemistry, but also our external partnerships, are important drivers to our growth and to differentiate us from the competition. Several of the solutions presented to our challenges in last year’s edition were highly interesting to us and we hope to have a joint development agreement in place for one of them in the near future.”


Knut Schwalenberg, Managing Director Industrial Chemicals:

“With the increasing speed of technological development and increasing complexity in the world, you need to think outside the box to stay ahead of the curve. For example, to make our factories more efficient, reliable, and safe, we are constantly implementing new technologies. Our collaborations with Imagine Chemistry winners and other partners are a crucial part of this.”


AB Ghosh, Managing Director Surface Chemistry:

“Collaborative innovation with customers has been a core part of our business strategy for many years. We’ve also seen some exciting external partnership opportunities recently with companies of varying sizes, and we’re very committed to promoting open innovation to deliver more value to the industry.”


Johan Landfors, Managing Director Polymer Chemistry:

"Our business is on a growth trajectory, and evolving along with our customers will be crucial to maintaining that momentum. Through open innovation activities such as Imagine Chemistry, we get exposed to outside ideas that could help us develop new technologies that meet our customers’ changing needs and make a major impact on the industry going forward.”


Egbert Henstra, Managing Director Ethylene and Sulfur Derivatives:

“Collaborating with customers and other outside partners such as startups is an important way to develop cutting-edge technologies to address some of our most urgent chemistry-related challenges, maintain our position as an industry leader, and be the best partner we can be for our customers.”


Sound interesting? Join us then!

Imagine Chemistry 2019 is open for submissions from January 8th to March 8th, with the finals event taking place in late May in Deventer, the Netherlands. If you think you have a solution that can help us make the chemicals industry more sustainable, join our Challenge!